Abbeywood Community School

How and why we use them

What are Knowledge Organisers?

Knowledge Organisers are a single page that summarises key information for a particular topic. This is the information that we want students to still be able to remember 10 years after studying it! Knowledge Organisers are set out in an easy to use way and limited to a single side per topic to support students using them independently. The main aim of the Knowledge Organiser is to help the memorisation of these key facts. By learning these facts students are better able to understand and apply them to the topic and beyond.

How to use your Knowledge Organiser

Style 1: The Cover - Write - Check method

  1. Study the relevant section of your Knowledge Organiser for several minutes.
  2. Cover the Knowledge Organiser.
  3. Writ out what you can remember.
  4. Check the Knowledge Organiser to see if you got it right.
  5. Correct any mistakes in purple pen.
  6. Repeat the process – even if you got it 100% correct.
  7. Complete sections that you have previously studied using the same process.

Style 2: Free recall

  1. Pick a section of the Knowledge Organiser you have studied recently.
  2. Without looking at the Knowledge Organiser write down everything you can remember about the topic.
  3. Check the Knowledge Organiser to see how much you got right.
  4. Correct any mistakes and add any missing parts in purple pen.

Style 3: Elaboration

  1. Once you have completed the Cover – Write – Check method, add any additional details you can to your notes.
  2. Remember your Knowledge Organiser only contains the core knowledge, there is much to learn beyond it so practise adding more detail when you can.