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Student & Pastoral Support

Tutors and Key Stage Leaders

All students have a tutor who becomes the first point of contact for students and parents. Each year group has a dedicated Key Stage Leader who provides focused academic support for every student.

Pastoral Support Team/Assistants

The Pastoral Support Team has new members and we have changed the structure to increase the support available to students in light of their experiences over the last 18 months.  There will be a Pastoral Support Assistant assigned to each year group and we also now have a dedicated role for the Safeguarding Lead.  If you wish to contact the Pastoral Support Team, please use the email address to ensure that we can respond even if staff are absent, or are part-time. 

Members of the team are Advanced Level Child Protection trained and have Mental Health First Aid training.  The new staff will be trained to this level soon. 

For initial concerns, please contact your child’s tutor, however the Pastoral Support Team offer advice, information, signposting to other agencies and support on a range of issues including wellbeing, behaviour, attendance, safeguarding, e-safety, help with boundary setting at home, bullying, ongoing friendship concerns.  We have a school counsellor, Jane Hatfield, who works one day per week and is accessible through a referral from the Pastoral Support Team (please be aware that there is often a waiting list for this service).  We can also make referrals to other agencies to support families and students and work with other agencies on Early Help Action Plans and Child Protection Plans.

Karen Harding - 

Pastoral Support Manager

Behaviour & Attendance Lead 

Nicky Lopeman -

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Sarah Phillips -

Pastoral Support Assistant

Year 7 

Lisa Bamford -

Pastoral Support Assistant

Year 8 

Alastair Scott -

Pastoral Support Assistant

Year 7 & Year 9 

Albert Gardiner -

Pastoral Support Assistant

covered by Annie Walker-Trafford

Year 10 

Rosie Driscoll

Pastoral Support Assistant 

Year 11 

Wendy Holbourn

Pastoral Admin Support

Admin Support 

Jane Knight

Attendance Administrator


Creating the Right Ethos

Positive attitudes to learning and meeting the shared ‘Abbeywood Expectations’ are at the core of our desired ethos; as such, the school has a strong culture of rewarding and celebrating student success. Students are major stakeholders in the development of the school and we are evolving our Student Forum to give them greater responsibility in decision making and shaping policies around learning, ethos and environment.  We have appointed Student Ambassadors in Year 11 and at Post 16 who will have a variety of leadership roles. We expect our ambassadors to be outstanding role models, setting a fine example to other students and our wider community. We are very proud of the positive relationships forged between staff and students.

An Emphasis on Healthy and Sustainable Living

Abbeywood Community School is proud to have achieved the Sports Mark Award. The curriculum has a strong focus on healthy and sustainable living and provides students with many opportunities to explore how they can address issues of sustainability in a meaningful way in the 21st Century.

Developing Emotional Literacy

The curriculum provides a firm foundation for students to learn and understand how to relate to each other and develop attributes such as empathy and listening skills.  PSHE is delivered through our Global Citizenship programme of learning.  Students are challenged to think about how they will become citizens of the world in the future.  This involves lessons on celebrating diversity, respect and making healthy choices.  Students will also be taught, and have opportunities to ask questions about, sex and relationships as part of the new mandatory curriculum in schools.  We believe that Global Citizenship gets the right balance between learning and enquiry so that students are prepared to grow up and develop in the modern world.

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