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Exam Information

Following the government’s announcement that exams will not take place in summer 2021, Ofqual have confirmed the process by which grades will be awarded this year.  Full details of their decisions can be found here, and these are summarised in the infographic below. 

JCQ have published guidance to help parents and students understand how exam grading will work this summer JCQ-Guidance-for-Students-and-Parents-on-Summer-2021.pdf

More information can be found on the Olympus Trust letters below

5 March 2021

19 March 2021 


Summer 2020 Exam Certificates

We understand that several students have been asking about their exam certificates from last year. We can reassure you that having taken the decision to cancel the annual Presentation Evening in December the certificates are all stored securely. As you will be aware the intention is that school will be re-opening on 8th March and we will then be able to make plans for their distribution. Details of how this distribution will be done will be released later.

Preparation for exams

All students are reminded to be in full school uniform for each exam and to bring the correct equipment (see below). Students arriving to school without suitable uniform will be provided with a loan of the correct uniform item.

 For each exam you will need:                         

  • A see through pencil case

  • Black pens

  • Pencils

  • Rubber

  • Pencil sharpener

  • Ruler

For some exams you may also need

  • A pair of compasses

  • Protractor

  • Coloured pencils

  • Calculator

You can buy, from the Exams Office, Finance and Reprographics, an ‘Exam Kit’ for £2.00. This will consist of a pencil case containing most of the things you will need. Calculators can be purchased for £9.50 from Finance. You will need to provide your own coloured pencils.

It is vitally important to your future that you attend all your exams. If you do not attend any exam without a valid reason, which must be confirmed in writing to the Exams Office, then you will be asked to pay the entry fee for the exam you have missed.

Information for candidates - onscreen tests

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Information for candidates - Non-examination assessments

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