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Curriculum Enrichment Week

I am pleased to inform you that during the week of Monday 8 July – Friday 12 July 2019, students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will take part in the school’s Curriculum Enrichment Programme.

Curriculum Enrichment is an important and rewarding week during the school year as it is a chance for students to take charge of their learning journey, to challenge themselves with new experiences, work alongside their peers in different year groups, and further develop positive relationships between students and staff.

Enrichment Week is a reward and opportunity for students who have consistently made a concerted effort throughout the year and have engaged positively in school life.  It is important to note that students who are given more than 40 behaviour points over the 2018/19 academic year will not be allowed to take part in the programme. A significant one off behaviour incident may also affect a student’s eligibility to take part. Also students who do not act appropriately according to the school’s behaviour policy during their Project Themed Programme will not be eligible for the Friday Fun Day Activity.

Year 7 Enrichment Program


All Students in Year 7 have the opportunity to attend a 5 day residential camp. 


We have chosen Liddington as it is the biggest PGL adventure centre and can accommodate the entire year group. We hope that all Year7 students will attend the Liddington trip, alternatively students can choose to stay in school and take part in 5 days of in school activities.

Further details of PGL Liddington can be found here

Trip Letter can be found here   Parental Consent Form here


In school Programme

A limited in- school programme  will be available for Year 7 students who are not attending the residential camp. This will be a compulsory programme and students will be given an individual programme. 


Year 8 and 9  Enrichment Program


Curriculum Enrichment Programme 2019  

MFL Trips

Year 8 Visit to Rhineland Germany - further details including itinerary can be found here

Year 9/10 Visit to Barcelona


Full details of the full Curriculum Enrichment Week programme be made available during Term 1

Important Information  - Out of School Activities

All Students must wear their Abbeywood school uniform for off site activities unless you have been informed otherwise.  

 Year 8 & 9 In School Programme

All students attending school will need to wear either their normal school uniform or their ACS PE kit.   

Full details of the In School Programme will be finalised during Term 5 and students will be issued with individual personalised timetable ..   

 Aspire Programme 

Students with more than 40 Behaviour Points will be taking part in a separate compulsory programme based in the WISE Campus at SGS. Full details will be sent home to the students who are required to attend this programme.