Abbeywood Community School

Student Achievements 2022-2023

A huge well done to Sofia H (7Apollo1) who achieved 1st place overall, and won gold with her partner at the Turin Acrobatics Cup 2023 last week. 

Sofia travelled, along with her team, to Turin and proudly represented their club, Harriers Acrobatics Gymnastics club.


We are really proud that following hard work and another successful season, Dante (10H2) has been selected to represent Bristol in a prestigious international tournament taking place in Barcelona in June. We wish him all the best as he continues to represent Abbeywood and Olympus for the wider region in basketball.


Lexie Thomas (8Y) has been an Allstar Nation Cheerleader for Predator Athletics for 4 years.  She now is in 3 teams, Junior team Puma, Senior team Venom and an international team called Lynxes.

They have had an amazing season so far with 

ICC Westerns 

Pumas 1st place

Venom 2nd place

ICE Spring

Pumas 2nd place

Venom 1st place

ICC British Open

Pumas 1st place and National Champions

Venom 3rd Place

Lexie has an exciting few weeks ahead as she has  BCA Nationals 28-29th May, FC Barcelona 2nd- 4th   June,  FC Internationals 24-25th June and Battle of Champions 1-2nd July.  Good luck Lexie!


Theo Wynne (9B) has recently resigned a new contract with Cheltenham academy for 2 years. 

Theo recently played an orange veins tournament where he was given GK of the whole                       Tournament, and teams there included the likes of West Ham and Chelsea. 

Theo trains 4 times a  week and plays his games on a Sunday. Theo is very hardworking and puts all his spare time into football.

Well done Theo!

 Whilst playing for BIC academy on a Saturday and Hallen on a Sunday Joshua M (9I) was picked to play in a BIC  representative team to play a match against Bristol City.

Following the match he was contacted to ask him to attend an 8 week trial at Bristol City from January 2023. 

On 27th February Josh was offered a contract at Bristol City Academy which he signed on 2nd March.

Congratulations to Josh on this achievement!



Lucy E (11G) has made it into the Gloucestershire south girls ERDPP and was selected to play in a festival at Hartpury College recently and will be representing them again in an RFU festival in March.

Lucy’s coach is very proud of her hard work and great achievement with her rugby journey and hopes this will encourage other girls to give rugby a try. 

Lucy’s mum said Lucy had made so many friends both at North Bristol RFC and as part of the Gloucestershire south girls ERDPP.   Lucy is very committed and works really hard – both her family and Abbeywood are very proud of her.   Well done Lucy!


Charlie W (11I) has recently completed in the Matsumae Cup 2023 in Denmark. Charlie unfortunately lost in the quarter finals but walked away with a fantastic 7th place, it was a very tough competition fulfilled with multiple nationalities. Well done Charlie!   


Massive well done to our Y7 student Tilly D-H (7Ap1) who managed to make it into the finals of the 50M freestyle in the Gloucester Swimming County finals.  Tilly set a new PB with an incredible time of 32.56.  A fantastic student who obviously works just as hard in the pool as she does in class.  Well done Tilly!