Abbeywood Community School

SMSC and Fundamental British Values

In November 2014 the Department of Education published documentation reinforcing the promotion of spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development of young children and adolescents, including the requirement for schools to promote a set of fundamental British values with the aim of helping learners leave school prepared for life in modern Britain.

All schools are required to actively promote these values in order to: improve safeguarding; strengthen the barriers to extremism; ensure children become fully rounded members of society who treat others with respect and tolerance (regardless of background); and to ensure young people leave school fully prepared for life in modern Britain. 

Fundamental British Values

At Abbeywood Community School, we actively promote the five fundamental British values, which are:

These Fundamental British Values are an integral part of our teaching and learning process, and are applied across the curriculum, supporting the development of the 'whole child'.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC)

At Abbeywood we have a strong commitment to the personal and social development of all our learners.  The school vision and values, created by staff, students and parents, supports the development of spiritual, moral, social and cultural characteristics in all learners. 

  • SMSC is about how young people make sense of the world and other people; how they interact with others; and the sort of person they are and are becoming
  • SMSC is as much about how students are taught as what they are taught
  • SMSC is not something that happens in isolation – it is linked and inter-connected to everything the school does and what kind of place it is

Why is Developing Values Important?

By understanding our own, and other people’s values, plus those influencing society and affecting our environment, we are better able to choose and skilfully and consistently apply appropriate values within different contexts, thereby positively impacting real-life situations. 

To see how we at Abbeywood help uphold these values in our Curriculum and our Character Education programme please click here