Abbeywood Community School

SEND Transition

How will ACS prepare and support my child for transition in secondary school?

At ACS we recognise that transition into secondary school is a significant experience for students and parents. Whilst many Y6 students are ready for this move, there will inevitably be some who require a more personalised transition package.

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How will ACS prepare and support my child for transition from KS3 (7-9) to KS4 (10 and 11)?

During Y9 (usually in term 2) students are prepared for the process of selecting suitable  KS4 courses.  This begins with information assemblies and the provision of a Pathways Booklet, which students bring home to discuss with parents/carers.

The Year 9 Pathways Evening takes place early in term 3.  This is ‘marketplace’ event in which subject teachers present examples of work undertaken during their KS4 courses.  The evening provides opportunities for parents/carers and students to find out key information about courses.

How will ACS prepare and support my child for Post 16 transition, both within ACS and outside of ACS?

  • For students with EHCPs, the Y11 Annual Review meeting is an opportunity to consider all the options available for Post 16.  For some students this will mean a transition to a local college, whilst others will be best served by the courses available at  The Concorde Partnership.  At this review, plans will be made for adjusting the provision to reflect the student’s changing needs.  Year 11 Annual Review meetings take place during term 1, in order to ensure that preparation for a move to college is given appropriate planning time.