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Student Support

The Post 16 pastoral system is organised in such a way as to enable tutors to focus specifically upon the needs of individual students. By using a student-centred approach, a combination of group tutorials and individual personal tutoring occurs. Tutor groups are organised with, as far as possible, tutors who have a specialist input into the learning programmes of their tutees. The tutor’s responsibility is to work with the student, monitoring their progress and setting targets to address any issues that arise during their studies. Parents have the opportunity to contact the school and organise a meeting with tutors throughout the year and also during formal parent consultation evenings.

Careers and advice

Higher Education, Apprenticeships, employment or Gap Years, the choice is yours. We offer a tailored programme of advice and support to match every student’s needs. During the two years a student is with us, we will dedicate ourselves to building the opportunities they need in the competitive wider world. Whether it’s UCAS admissions to Oxbridge or Russell Group Universities, interview techniques or application forms, we care about our students’ future.

Students will regularly discuss and plan their future careers during their fortnightly tutorials and Core Programme Days.  Students can consult with their tutor, the director and deputy of post 16, our in-house career advisor and have access to an independent Careers Advisor who is based in Post 16 if needed


At Post 16 we use a comprehensive reporting system through ALPs. This is one more way that we support our students in reaching their potential at Post 16. Please contact Mrs Shafto, Director of Post 16 for further information or click here.


Hi there!

We are nurse and youth workers from Brook a National charity that provides sexual health services and education across theUKfor young people under 25.

We are pleased to run a ‘No Worries’ sexual Health drop-in at Abbeywood Community School on a Tuesday break and lunchtime where students can drop-in for Free, Friendly and Confidential sexual health advice and support.

We can support students with contraception, emergency contraception, C-Cards, pregnancy & STI testing as well as support and advice around anything from relationships, sexuality, puberty to making informed decisions and keeping safe.

Pop up and see us to find out more!