Abbeywood Community School


Abbeywood Community School is committed to raising the standards of Numeracy of all its students, so that they develop the ability to use Numeracy skills in all areas of the curriculum and the skills necessary to cope confidently with the demands of further education, employment and adult life. 

Numeracy is a proficiency which is developed mainly in mathematics but also in other subjects. It is more than an ability to do basic arithmetic. It involves developing confidence and competence with numbers and measures. It requires understanding of the number system, a repertoire of mathematical techniques, and an inclination and ability to solve quantitative or spatial problems in a range of contexts. Numeracy also demands an understanding of the ways in which data are gathered by counting and measuring, and presented in graphs, diagrams, charts and tables. 

A key part of numeracy at Abbeywood Community School is making provision for those students who have not reached the expected level for primary students, and so implementing strategies to enable students to catch-up. Not only do we aim to catch-up those students we also aim to extend the high ability students with problem solving questions, with one eye looking at their future involvement in the UKMT which is highly regarded here and nationally.