Abbeywood Community School

Year 7 - Thursday 16 December - important information

Preparation for Remote Learning for Year 7 –

Thursday 16th December, 1.35pm - Early finish

 You will be aware from previous correspondence that we have been concerned about the high level of staff absences caused by COVID-related issues and the problems this is causing in safely and effectively running the school. This has meant that we have made the decision to finish school early for Year 7 on Thursday this week. 

In order to prepare for potential closures or a period of online learning following the Christmas break, we are asking Year 7 to leave school early on Thursday 16th December at the end of Period 4 (1.35pm). We are then expecting them to get home to log into their Period 5 lesson at 2.15pm. All students are then expected back in school on Friday 17th December. 

This is to ensure that they know how to use the Google Classroom system and that it works for them at home. Unlike other year groups they have not had the opportunity to check whether this works without issues at home. This should enable students and staff to highlight any glitches or problems before the Christmas break and rectify them on the Friday morning, with tutors. If your child is not able to get home during that time, please contact Mr Doyle so that we can make alternative arrangements for them.  

The Google Classroom codes for each tutor group are as follows.  Students should log in to the correct classroom at 2:15pm and complete the online google form. 

7R:          26xbc7g

7O:         mcjnvtp

7G:         ljxan55

7I:           onikzll

7Y:          wa7prnk

7V:         znvotua

7B:          rj6qdvk

We apologise that we have had to take these steps but I am sure you can appreciate that we would like to prepare for every eventuality. We hope, like you, that we do not have to return to online learning and can continue to run the school as normal. 

We are hopeful that our staff absence level will be better after the Christmas holidays and we will not have to make any further closures. 

Thank you for your continued support.