Abbeywood Community School

Year 12 Virtual Parents' Evening

I am pleased to announce that Abbeywood have organised our first virtual parents evening on      1 June for our year 12 students. 

As this is such an important few years for you in Post 16, we would like to take this opportunity to find out how you are doing during lockdown and give you some guidance as to where we would like you to focus your efforts moving into term 6. This conversation will be based on your last progress check with us before the school closed and the recent work that you have been sending in to your teachers. 

Please could you book in your parents evening appointments as you would normally on the online booking system. We have two slots for your convenience. 3-4:30 and 6.30-8pm on 1 June. It is an expectation that you book in to speak with your subject teachers. Sessions will last no longer than 10 minutes per subject. Please feel free to book in with myself also if you have any issues you would like to discuss. 

To book your appointment click on the link here: 

Parent guide 

We look forward to seeing you virtually 

Best wishes

Mrs Shafto