Abbeywood Community School

Year 11 Timetables

The following email will be going out to Year 11 with regards to a revised timetable from next week.


Dear Parent/Student

Please find attached your modified timetable for the next fortnight. Please check this very carefully as some of the rooms will have changed, particularly where we have organised an additional revision session for you. Where you have an afternoon exam, your teacher will allow you to focus on revision for that examination, but please remember to bring materials to revise from with you. Where you are booked in a computer room for your lesson, there is an expectation that you will work independently and in silence.

Your timetable for June will be sent out in due course and there will be occasions when you are able to study at home. However, we will always have an in-school study room available for you and would encourage you to take advantage of this.

We continue to be so impressed with the effort so many of you are making and know that this will pay off in your exams.

Good luck,

Mr Dilley