Abbeywood Community School

Year 11 Revision Plans

This morning we celebrated the end of another term with our fantastic Year 11. We are proud at how the have worked tirelessly towards their examinations, supported throughout by our team of subject teachers. We shared cake and every student received a postcard from their tutor or a member of the leadership team, encouraging all students to persevere with their hard work over the Easter break. Please find the revision/support plan below and encourage your child to use this to plan their time from now until their final exam. In addition, please see the website for further links to individual subject resources. Your support over the next couple of weeks will be invaluable and helping your child manage their time and rewarding them when you can will definitely motivate your child.  

We continue to encourage students to use a combination of revision guides, revision workbooks and along with our resources through 

There are some sessions running through the Easter break, which can be seen below. Can I ask you to remind your child to sign in and out when they attend the sessions?


Finally, thank you for your ongoing support and for helping us in working towards successful outcomes for your child in the summer.


Revision Plan (click to view) 


Revision Sessions

Monday 8 April

Art & Photography - 0830-1600 hrs 

Tuesday 9 April

French workshop - 0930-1430 hrs 

Thursday 11 April

German workshop - 0930-1430 hrs 

Monday 15 April

Craft workshop (compulsory) - 0900-1400 hrs 

Tuesday 16 April

ICT/Computing - 0900-1430 hrs

Independent study room available 

Wednesday 17 April

Biology workshop - 0930-1430hrs

Psychology workshop - 0900-1300 hrs 

Thursday 18 April

Textiles - 1000-1430 hrs