Abbeywood Community School

Year 11 GCSE Update

The majority of learning and preparation for GCSEs happens in the classroom and it is essential that all of our students are prepared, engaged and attend all of their lessons. We offer a range of additional learning opportunities, and we do expect those students timetabled to attend. These sessions are very specific to the exams and students should treat these as they do their core lessons.

Please click here for details of the revision sessions.

 What can you do at home to help your child?

Home Learning (IHL) - encourage your child to have a routine to complete this every evening. It is useful to set aside some time to talk with them about what they have done and provide a space for them to work.

Attendance - help by ensuring a healthy diet, encourage your child to complete some exercise and have plenty of sleep.

Punctuality - this means to school and to lessons!

Preparation- working with your child and the school to produce a revision plan, from now!

Interventions - supporting the school in ensuring that your child attends all period 6 sessions that they are required to attend, to help them specifically with the areas of work that they are unsure about.

Engagement - encouraging your child to talk about what is happening in the news. This really helps with making links to their learning!

Revision- providing incentives for your child. Please reward them- the greatest reward for you will be in August, when your child opens their envelope.

Mr Diley, Deputy Headteacher