Abbeywood Community School

Year 10 Maths Exam Revision

We want you to do well and in order to help you we would suggest the following.  Please go to where you can log in to your account.

Remember your login details are as follows:

Username: threeletters@abbeywood (e.g. zzz@abbeywood)

Password: abbeywood

Throughout the year you will have been set tasks on Mathswatch - please revisit those tasks and improve your scores where you can. Spread your revision out over the next few weeks, maybe you could watch a clip or two a day? Our advice is to gradually work through all the clips.

You can find and print a poster detailing all the clips by:

 Log in > Click on “Extras” > Click on “GCSE”> Click on “List of Clips”> Right click - “print”

The Year 10 exam could contain anything up to the grade 5 clips. Start as early as you feel you need to make sure you’re filling in any little gaps of knowledge along the way. If you understand all the clips you will be really successful in your exam!

It is very important that you start being independent and take your Y10 exams very seriously. Revision is key, and the earlier you master it, the better will be your performance.

Good luck from all the Maths team at ACS.