Abbeywood Community School

Warm weather

Thank you for all your support with the warmer weather. The following are some reminders to ensure that the message is clear and that there is not confusion over Abbeywood Community School’s procedures when the weather is warm. The same reminders are being shared with students.

As we have a summer version of our school uniform, unlike many of our neighbouring schools, it is not necessary for students to wear PE kit (tailored shorts and knee length skirts are acceptable with the normal polo shirt).

We are very lucky to have a modern building, much of which is air conditioned, and we monitor temperatures in all areas of the school. 

Refillable water bottles are essential during this weather so please ensure your child has a named one every day. We do not provide plastic cups. We ask students to refill at break and lunchtime. On hot days our lunch time supervisors are supporting the students with extra water filling opportunities after PE lessons and break times.

For obvious health and safety reasons water pistols found in school will be confiscated.

During very warm weather students are encouraged to wear sun hats when outside during PE lessons, break or lunchtime. Hats are not allowed to be worn inside the building. We also encourage the use of sun cream which is applied at home or independently by the student before going in in the sun. School does not provide sun cream.

Thank you for your support, we are really proud of our students’ response to the warm weather.