Abbeywood Community School

Uniform Expectations

As you’re aware we have stated there are a number of reasons why we believe a school uniform is important:   

  • dressing smartly communicates a business-like attitude
  • it protects students from the pressures of any expectation to wear expensive fashions
  • it creates a common sense of belonging and commitment to our school community and our values  
  • our students can be readily identifiable in public 

it reflects a sense of order and discipline. 

Put simply, we have very clear non-negotiable expectations about uniform and student appearance.

Our expectations for uniform and appearance are clearly set out and exemplified on our website here

The overwhelming majority of our students get this right and have excellent appearance as a result. However, there is a persistent minority of students who do not get it right – and this usually concerns piercings and/or trousers. The reminder with regard to piercings is that only one small pair of stud earrings are permitted in ears and no other piercings (clear or otherwise) are permitted anywhere else.  

Specifically in relation to trousers we do not permit any form of tight fitting trousers and only those that are tailored in style. To address this issue a number of other schools have moved to a position where trousers can only be purchased from a single supplier as this was felt to be the only means to reach a point of full of consistency and compliance. At Abbeywood we would like to maintain the choice parents/carers and students have in buying their trousers but if this issue persists we will be also forced to move to insist trousers are purchased from a singular supplier. 

Therefore we are asking for your support and help in making sure your child fully meets our uniform and appearance expectations from January 2020 onwards – particularly with regard to piercings and trouser style. Through working together we are confident we can solve this issue and not be forced to take a decision to insist all trousers are purchased from a single supplier. We have set out to get this issue resolved this academic year and we intend to review progress immediately after Easter 2020. As always we will be conducting a uniform roll call check at the start of Term 3 on Tuesday 7 January. We will keep you updated on any decisions take, including whether we feel we need to insist trousers can only be purchased from a single supplier.  

If you have any queries regarding this matter, please contact Ian Henry ( 

Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership