Abbeywood Community School

URGENT - Year 11 to remain at home Tuesday 19 October 2021

Unfortunately, we have had growing numbers of cases of Covid in year 11, which has meant we have been in contact with Public Health England regarding next steps. As tomorrow is a House day, we have been advised not to allow year 11 to mix with the rest of the students in the school. We are also concerned that having year 11 working together all day tomorrow may increase cases further within the year group. Therefore, we have taken the difficult decision to ask year 11 students to work from home tomorrow and work on revision for their forthcoming mock examinations. This is not a decision we have taken lightly but we hope that this, coupled with half term, will mean that we do not have rising cases over the holidays and that we can all return in November ready for mock examinations. There is guidance on the Y11 Google Classroom to support students with their learning and revision for the forthcoming exams. A starting point would be to create a revision plan using the booklet posted last week; planning specific ‘power sessions’ over the coming weeks.  

Many thanks for your understanding,

Michelle Hall