Abbeywood Community School

Sports/House Day Friday 1st July 2022

On Friday 1st July we will be holding a joint Sports and House Day event.  During the day students will be competing in traditional sports day events as well as House competitions including a Quiz in the Main Hall.

The date for this event has been changed from previously advertised due to availability on the running track and indoor AstroTurf.  This has meant that students on the Year 10 Geography field trip will not be able to join in with the activities on the day.  However, they will have the opportunity to take part in House-related events on the afternoon of Wednesday 20th July, when our whole-school House Championship Event will be taking place.

To prepare for the day, students will need to be wearing their full PE kit, even if they are not directly competing in the athletics events.  They will also need to make sure they bring water bottles, sun cream and a hat for when they are at the running track for their two hours of Sports and House events.

There will be refreshments available by the running track.  They are being sold by FACS and your child will be able buy drinks and ice-lollies.  They will need to bring in money to spend and will be responsible for keeping this safe during the day.

The start and finish times for the day will be the same as normal.  There will be a slight change to lunch times with Year 7 and 8 having lunch between 12:15pm and 12:45pm.  Then Year 9 and Year 10 will have lunch between 1:15pm and 1:45pm.  This change has happened to accommodate a slightly longer morning break and to allow two hours for the main activities in the day.