Abbeywood Community School

Post 16 Exams

January exams

As a Trust, we have taken the decision to withdraw all Year 12 and 13 students from the January exam series. The Prime Minister delivered a clear message to the nation on Monday evening which instructed people to ‘stay at home’ to defeat this virus. To ask staff and students to ignore that instruction and to sit exams would seem to contradict that message. Despite the extensive protective measures that have been implemented in each school, in-school examinations could significantly increase the risk of spreading the virus in schools and across the wider community. Furthermore, we believe that students could be significantly disadvantaged by taking external examinations at this point in time. The stress of the pandemic will undoubtedly have affected their ability to prepare adequately for the exams and could lead to results which are potentially very unfair. If students were to sit the exams, their results would contribute to the Centre Assessed Grades that each student will be awarded. To give our students the best chance to be successful overall and so as not to undermine their future grade, we believe it is in their best interest to withdraw them from these exams. This has not been an easy decision to take and we know that some students will be disappointed.

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Yr 13 Mock Exams

Yesterday afternoon the Secretary of State for Education announced that A Level and AS Level exams will not happen this summer. In the coming days and weeks we will receive further details from the Department for Education to confirm the arrangements of how students will be awarded grades this summer. In the meantime, it seems reasonable to assume that students will receive grades based on a similar system to the process that was applied by schools in 2020. This involved teachers assessing performance using class and homework, coursework, mock exam results and other evidence. I am aware of the shock and disappointment this news will bring but please be reassured that your hard work will still be recognised. None of the effort you have shown so far, and will continue to show in the coming months, will be wasted. On the contrary, the new system will make sure this is fully reflected in your final grade. I know it is asking a lot of you all, on top of everything you have been through already, but it is important that you keep on going. Please make sure you turn up to all your online lessons, keep working hard and know that every piece of work you complete will still make a difference. It is for this reason we have decided to continue with your Mock Exams. These exams will take place during the weeks beginning 18th and 25th January and will need to take place at home

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