Abbeywood Community School

Collecting your child after school by car

While we fully appreciate that we all would like to drop off and collect our children from the ‘front door’ of school we also know this is not practical. Abbeywood students are allowed to be dropped off by car directly outside the main school building in the morning only as this is a quick drop off and does not block up our small car park. However, parents and carers are reminded that if they wish to collect their children by car after school they should do so from the overspill car park just off New Road and not from the small car park. Only permit holders are allowed to collect their children from the small car park. The number of cars currently collecting students after school from the small car park directly outside the main school building is causing it to get so congested that emergency vehicles would not be able to access the site if needed. A small number of students who have particular special needs are permitted to be collected by car directly outside school and these individuals have a permit to do so. Can we take this opportunity to remind all drivers accessing our site that the speed limit of 5mph applies. The South Gloucestershire Civil Enforcement Service have also asked us to remind anyone collecting students from school not to park on the double yellow lines on New Road. Drivers are permitted to drop off passengers on a double or single yellow line but cannot park up and wait on them. South Gloucestershire Civil Enforcement Service have informed us that they intend to include New Road in their Civil Enforcement Officers’ foot patrol route from now on. Many thanks for your cooperation with this matter.