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Change of learner e-mail addresses

Change of Learner email addresses - Information for Students

On Wednesday 3rd November the suffix (end part) of all student e-mail addresses will be changing from to

The ways in which students currently access their email (and Google Classroom) will not change, but from Thursday 4th November student emails will be sent and received to and from an address.  If an email is sent to an old address it will be automatically re-routed to the new address.

 What action do you need to take?

  • From Thursday 4th November, students will need to change their login username on their email.  The first part of their email address will not change.  Students will need to change the second part from to  As an example, would become password will not change.
  • If students use their email on a mobile device, the guides below will support them in changing the required settings on that device.
  • When they access Google Classroom (or other Google or Microsoft Apps linked to their school login) they will have to use their new address to access them.  This will require them re-entering the new email address i.e.
  • If they use their old e-mail address to login to other learner websites (e.g. Hegarty Maths, Seneca or Classcharts) this e-mail change will have no impact.

If students have any technical issues please ask them to let their tutor know.  Tutor's (years 7-11) will be talking them through these changes during a tutor session.  Tutors can pass queries on to the technical team who will offer support and guidance.

Email login - Android devices

Email login - Apple devices