Abbeywood Community School

ACS awarded the prestigious e-safety 360 award

Over the past two years, the school has undergone a thorough review of e-safety. This review, led by Mr Manson, concentrated on a range of key issues. These included:

  • How well we prepare our students to make safe and legal use of the Internet and Social Media, to recognise threats and what to do if anything goes wrong.
  • The protection we include in our Internet access so that inappropriate materials are not accessible from within school.
  • Our response to e-safety and e-bullying incidents that occur both within and outside of school.

Due to the extremely high quality of our e-safety within the School, we have now been awarded the e-safety 360 award, following a site visit by an external assessor. This award is nationally recognized as a very high benchmark of e-safety that requires schools to meet demanding criteria across a range of areas, and we are only the second post-11 school in South Gloucestershire to have achieved this award.

Students, staff and parents were all quizzed and confirmed the key message that the whole of the school “does e-safety”. This is reflected in the assessor’s report to the school, which is full of positive reflections on what she saw during the day and includes praise for all aspects of our e-safety.

Alongside celebrating our success, it would be wrong not to remind parents of our commitment to keeping students safe and secure. If you have any concerns about e-safety, please do not hesitate to contact me at School.

Graham Manson - October 2017