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Abbeywood's School Dogs

Many studies have shown that a school dog can have a very positive effect on students and there are many examples of how a dog can support a school community, including: encouraging students to attend school; helping students to cope with examination stress; helping to foster a sense of responsibility; improving reading confidence by having students read to them and generally bringing a warmth to the school which makes the place feel happier. Through contact with a dog, children can benefit educationally and emotionally, and develop empathy and nurturing skills. Animals in school have been shown to reduce anxiety, promote positive behaviour, increase social skills and build confidence and self-esteem. 



Please note, the school has carried out a full risk assessment and will ensure that all staff and students are briefed fully before the dogs start being introduced to students. 

You may also wish to watch the BBC report which showcases the benefits of having school dogs:          


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Murphy & Teddy

So, the new year has brought a new member to the team. We have introduced Murphy’s puppy, Teddy, to school. He is currently having a phased introduction, ensuring that he settles well into the school routines, the noises, new sounds, and smells. So far, Teddy has done two and a half days, spending some time with staff in meetings, and getting used to life in the Hub. Everyone has been excited to see two dogs, and they have welcomed Teddy with lots of attention. The best bit seems to be the question from a few… “Why are there two?!”. The dogs love all the attention and occasional treat… It’s lovely to see the positive reaction to the dogs from both staff and students, and our visitors too.