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Abbeywood's School Dogs

Many studies have shown that a school dog can have a very positive effect on students and there are many examples of how a dog can support a school community, including: encouraging students to attend school; helping students to cope with examination stress; helping to foster a sense of responsibility; improving reading confidence by having students read to them and generally bringing a warmth to the school which makes the place feel happier. Through contact with a dog, children can benefit educationally and emotionally, and develop empathy and nurturing skills. Animals in school have been shown to reduce anxiety, promote positive behaviour, increase social skills and build confidence and self-esteem. 


Bonnie is an apricot Cavapoo – a Kings Charles Cavalier spaniel and poodle cross – and Jake is a black Labrador. Mrs Harding and Miss Land have generously agreed that both Bonnie and Jake can start the process to become our School Dogs. Bonnie and Jake have even started their own club: K9@ACS.

Both Bonnie and Jake will be kept clean and healthy, with all vaccinations up to date. Claws will be kept short and they’ll both undergo training with the lovely Roz, the ‘Mutty Professor’, who will train and condition the dogs to work within a school environment.

Both Bonnie and Jake are extremely friendly and are socially and emotionally intelligent but we understand that some parents/carers will have reservations about students working with the dogs or there may be students who have allergies. No students will need to have close or direct contact with the dog unless they wish to, however it would be extremely helpful if you could speak to or make contact with either Mrs Harding ( or Miss Land ( raising any concerns. 

Please note, the school has carried out a full risk assessment and will ensure that all staff and students are briefed fully before the dogs start being introduced to students. We anticipate that this will be in late September. 

As you may be aware, Bradley Stoke Community School introduced Wally, a Cocker Spaniel, to their school community last year and he has successfully contributed to a really lovely warm atmosphere at the school. You may also wish to watch the BBC report which showcases the benefits of having school dogs: 

We are very much looking forward to welcoming the new members to our school’s community and will keep you updated over the next few months. 

"Woof!" from Jake and a "Woof!" from Bonnie


Meet Murphy..... our newest school dog!

I’m Murphy.  I am a three year-old fox red Labrador. I live with Mr Bendry and his family.

I am really calm, very chilled and really relaxed with young people – I have two little humans at home!

I started at Abbeywood at the beginning of January and am really happy coming to school, although it is very tiring and I am usually exhausted by the time I get home.  To be honest, I’m usually tired by lunchtime.  I am taking the first few days to just get used to the new noises, smells and routines.  I’m not used to working!!

I am really looking forward to helping different students with some of the things they struggle with on a day-to-day basis. It’s going to be so much fun – I really want to become a reading dog and help some of the Y7s with their reading.

I have loved meeting all the staff and students at Abbeywood, they are so friendly and I get loads of attention.  It was nice to welcome the students to school last week when they came in for their testing.  It is always nice to get outside in the morning and at break to see the students and staff too. They seem to like seeing me – which is nice.

I’m really looking forward to meeting Bonnie and Jake soon too!

Bye for now..... Woof!




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