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Knowledge Organisers

What are Knowledge Organisers?

Knowledge Organisers are a single page that summarises key information for a particular topic. This is the information that we want students to still be able to remember 10 years after studying it! Knowledge Organisers are set out in an easy to use way and limited to a single side per topic to support students using them independently. The main aim of the Knowledge Organiser is to help the memorisation of these key facts. By learning these facts students are better able to understand and apply them to the topic and beyond.

How can we use them?

Knowledge organisers will be used in lessons to support effective teaching. They can also be used independently by students. Some of the most effective strategies for using them at home are:

Quiz yourself Cover the definitions or answers and write out the meanings or answers for a group of words/ideas on the sheet. Check the answers afterwards by uncovering them.
Flashcards Use the information on the Knowledge Organiser to make a set of flashcards. These can then be used to quickly check understanding and test yourself.
Writing Use the key terms and concepts to improve your homework. Add these terms and ideas into your writing to help show better understanding of the subject.

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