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House Points are awarded to students for effort that goes above and beyond normal school life. For example, if a student shows exceptional resilience in the face of a challenge, a teacher may award them with a House Point. House Points will be a high-value way of recognising excellence in our students, and therefore all staff will be able to nominate two students per term to receive a House Point.   Alongside this will be a regular calendar of House Competitions and events that all members of each House will be invited to participate in, to win points for their House. At the end of the school year, we will have a House Championship Event where the winning House is revealed!   

Each house has now appointed 2 house leaders per year.  The House Leader role is pivotal to the successful of running each house and a valuable member of the house team. Being a House Leader is not just about wearing a badge, it’s about getting involved and demonstrating our RAISE values consistently across the school. 

House news and the house 'leaderboard' will be shared in our newsletter and on our social media platforms regularly as well as posting lots of our news on this page!

What's happened so far this year...................


Last term, Apollo took part in lots of exciting house competitions. During Term 1, we won the Year 7 transition day sports, the cup stacking competition, science competition at open evening and, most importantly, we  received the most house points from teachers! 

We also had newly elected captains from each year group. From Year 7 we have Ami and Eleanor, from Year 8 we have Daniel and Lyla, from Year 9 we have Rosie and Tallulah, from Year 10 we have Freya and Eva and from Year 11 we have Gavin and Amy. 

In every competition, we got lots of entries from Apollo (some of which are teachers). We had the most entries for the pumpkin carving which was excellent and very enjoyable. On house day, we had lots of fun, especially when Miss Tipping (our wonderful house leader) beat Miss Maxted in an arm wrestle!! Other activities on the day were: tug of war, basketball, dodgeball, dancing, group sit-ups, arm wrestling, crash mat slide and some creative tasks like designing a mascot for the house as well! Even though we came third, the most important thing was that everyone went out there and enjoyed themselves as well as having fun and cheering their teammates on. 

We always have a go at competitions, even though we don’t always win. Ones that didn’t go so well were: hula hooping and bounce bonanza. We still had great fun on those occasions too.                  

By Ami & Eleanor Year 7


We are Emma and Jessie, two of our Athena House Leaders from year 9. We have had a really successful start to the year and would like to give you an update on what we have done so far.  

On our year seven transition day we won one of the two competitions showing off our singing and sports skills. It was great to welcome our year sevens to Athena! We have also taken part in lots of lunchtime competitions, coming first in both participation and achievement for hula hooping. Our favourite lunchtime competition last term was cup stacking! Plus, to get into the spirit of Halloween, lots of our Athenians have participated in the festivities, by competing in our pumpkin carving competition! We had loads of creative pumpkins sent in and overall, we think we did wonderfully, due to the efforts of our amazing house!  

We ended the term with a House Day which we really enjoyed. We are proud that we came first in both of our sports competitions and worked great together as a team in the booklets. It was great to see all the teachers (especially our Athena teachers) taking part.  

Athena’s 10 House Leaders are now planning for our first Ethos Competition and we have some amazing ideas. We are hoping that all students and members of staff will get involved and show support to each other just like we did on House Day. We will soar back up to the top in grand style in no time if we keep up this great work. Well done Athenians! 

To go alongside our wonderful success, we have loads of exciting plans to help everybody feel more included in school, and to raise spirit! We have plans for support cards to be implemented in day-to-day life at school, as if everything goes right, you will be able to send them to people you think need/deserve them in school – whether that be students or teachers! We have a few other ideas as well, so I hope you are all excited!  

One final time, thank you Athenians for being so incredible in our first term, and we hope everything goes smoothly for the rest of the year! Thank you for all your hard work!  


During house day last term, all Hera students did amazingly to not only encourage and show support for the rest of their team but also to volunteer for activities or sports that they may otherwise not have. Every single year group took part in every activity - showing just how committed and engaged our house is. The huge range of sports offered on house day - including dodgeball, arm wrestling and even mat sliding - gave every student something that interested them to participate in. Even students who are not keen on sports contributed massively in the house quizzes and in supporting everyone. Clearly our efforts did not go unnoticed with Hera coming in first place!

In addition, Bonnie - our House mascot - was here for the whole day! She enjoyed lots of fuss from all Hera students and even managed to boost our scores as lots of students drew Bonnie as our House Mascot! 

Go on Hera Heroes!       

By Rebecca - 9G


What a great start to the year for House Zeus! We have welcomed new year 7 students into House Zeus and kicked off term 1 with some excellent and exciting house day competitions! Zeus came in 1st at the Netball and Bounce Bonanza and 2nd in the Singing Competition and Hula Hooping, putting us in at 2nd overall for Term 1! Well done Zeus!  

Throughout the term we took part in several other competitions such as Pumpkin carving at Halloween, which was exciting and messy at the same time! We had loads of spooky pumpkins sent in and overall, we think we did really well!     

We then took part in an amazing house day at the end of term 2 where Emily and Dan (Year 10) performed two excellent musical performances in the assembly including one original song written by Emily! We cannot wait to see them perform again at the Christmas concert!  

Zeus also took part in lots of exciting sports events including tug of war and basketball. Sadly Zeus placed last but we are confident that if we continue to work together as a team, that next time, we will win!! #beagoodteammate