Abbeywood Community School

High Ability Students

At Abbeywood Community School we aim to educate and develop each student to their full potential by providing a happy secure, rich learning environment where students can be given every encouragement to develop intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.

Within all school communities there are some young people whose achievements at Key Stage 2 indicate particular strengths in English and maths. These are students we identify as High Ability Students which is defined as: those students starting Year 7 who are performing significantly above the national average in Key Stage 2.

The main focus of our provision is to create opportunities that challenge, support and encourage all students in an environment which aims to celebrate excellence. Whilst enrichment activities will play a part in the provision, the main focus must be providing suitably challenging learning opportunities within the everyday curriculum. In order for our High Ability Students (HAS) to receive a coherent approach, it is necessary for all staff to be aware of this policy and act upon it. The school needs to provide a consistent approach which provides challenge for all students, a whole school ethos of “Teaching to the top” provides a challenging learning environment for all of our most able students. Each faculty is expected to consider their provision for this cohort of students and to monitor and develop that provision in line with curriculum developments and other school policies.

At Abbeywood Community School there is a named member of the SLT who is the HAS leader, a Raising standards leader for HAS and there is also a named governor for HAS.

Identification of HAS

Our identification of HAS is in line with the “higher standard” at KS2 as defined by the Department for Education, in order reach do this a pupil must achieve a scaled score of 110 or more in reading and maths tests and an outcome of ‘working at greater depth’ in writing. From 2016 onwards (Students currently in Y7-9) Students are officially classified as being a HAS if they reach this benchmark of a scaled score of 110 or more in reading and maths.

In addition to those students who are identified as HAS on entry, Abbeywood Community School will recognise those students showing exceptional progress, regardless of their KS2 scaled scores. This will ensure that those students who are late developers or for example, EAL students whose lack of English might previously have masked their abilities, are identified and included on the ACS HAS register. These students will be identified using CATs data, as well as being nominated by Leaders of Learning following analysis of assessment data.

The HAS register is compiled following the publication of the validated KS2 data. Year 7 students are added to the HAS register according to KS2 performance.