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Year 11 Transition

All Post 16 bridging work is available here

We know that these past few months is not what any of us planned for or expected and that this has been a strange time for you to navigate with so many unanswered questions. However, we can prepare you as best we can for the next stage of your journey so that you are ready for the months ahead in Abbeywood Post 16.  

We are launching ‘The Festival of Futures’ for you. Like a festival, you will complete each zone from now till September at your own pace, in order to help you as you start your Post 16 studies. Some of the Zones you may have already started such as Zone 1 - progression booklets and Zone 2 - subject masterclass. 

There are many areas to explore in the ‘Festival of Futures’ as outlined below

Zone 1: Progression stage

Zone 2: Subject expert stage 

Zone 3: Student leadership stage

Zone 4: Academic mentor stage

Zone 5: The skills stage

Zone 6: Wellbeing stage 

Zone 7: Reading chill out area

From now to September you will need to complete a preparation logbook, filling it in after you have completed each zone. You will need to bring your booklet with you when we do your induction for Year 12 (we do not have a date for this currently). Your academic mentors will expect you to have completed this by your first meeting with them for discussion. 

Log Book