Abbeywood Community School


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I am the the very proud Head of House for Athena. I have loved leading Athena for the last 2 years and have been so impressed by the students’ commitment to our house.

Although we have yet to win, this will be our year!


On the 21st of June, we visited our local care home: Osbourne Court. Upon entry, we met the manager, who welcomed us and took us to the care home’s library to share his experiences with Alzheimer’s and dementia with us. We were there for 45 minutes to an hour eagerly listening. We were then taken on a small tour of the care home, on which we saw the reception and one of the lounges before being told some more interesting stories. After, we split into 2 groups; one of which stayed upstairs, and the other went downstairs. These groups both participated in activities with the residents. We played Bananagrams and coloured in some pictures with some residents. We also had a nice chat with them.

 Abby M, Senior House Lead for Athena