Abbeywood Community School


If you are an ex-Abbeywood Community School or Filton High School student you can get involved in the school Alumni in the following ways:

  • Share your pictures and stories of your time at school via flickr found here and the Filton High and Abbeywood Schools former staff and pupils association facebook page found here.
  • Contact the Headteacher ( if you would like to offer any direct support for the school as a business mentor or if you’re interested in coming into the school to inspire current Abbeywood students with your experiences and achievements

We are always delighted to hear of the achievements of our alumni – so please do get in touch.

….I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the teachers and staff at Abbeywood who have taught me, formally and informally and have contributed to my academic success. Abbeywood remains fond in my memories and I really cherish the time I have spent there. Truth be told I have never been that good in academics before I went to the UK but I believe the fun I had in school there made me a person who was eager to learn more and develop a thirst for knowledge.


Please send all my love and thanks to all the teachers there who have supported me through my high school days at Abbeywood. Thank you very much for providing me with a safe and comfortable learning environment. A lot of what I have learnt there has shaped the person I am today, not just in academics but also morally. I believed I have gained a lot of confidence and become a very critical thinker during my time there.  Do send my regards to the community in Abbeywood, especially the teachers that taught me and my fellow friends. Thank you too sir for being very encouraging and supportive!