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After School Enrichment Clubs

At Abbeywood Community School, we are pleased to offer a wide range of after school enrichment clubs to all of our students. Activities take place after school, from 2.35pm - 3.35pm (unless otherwise stated).

Enrichment is compulsory for year 7 students and we strongly encourage all other students to sign up for at least one activity per week. The aim of enrichment is to develop wider interests and provide valuable learning experiences outside the classroom. This is a key element of the culture of Abbeywood school and the character of our students.

Our clubs are aligned with our RAISE standards and we offer over 30 clubs which will appeal to all of our students as they cover a variety of different areas. Below are only a few examples of the clubs we offer here at Abbeywood which are run by our talented staff:

  • Football
  • Art
  • Photography
  • Debate club
  • Writers workshop
  • Allotment club
  • Drama
  • Guitar club
  • Textiles
  • Board games
  • Choir
  • Mindfulness
  • Languages around the world
  • STEM club

If you or your child have any questions about the enrichment options, please contact their tutor. 

The clubs available for Terms 5 & 6 are as below.  If your child wishes to join any of these clubs, please ask them to speak with their Tutor.





Fancy chair book group


Writer’s workshop (week 2)

Board game club


Language lab (week 2)



Film club

CAD club

Mindfulness club

Guitar club

Craft club (week 2)


Keyboard club

Duke of Edinburgh (Y9&10)




American football (Y9 and 10)

Criminology podcasts (week 1)

LGBT club

Drop in repair shop (week 1)


Maths team challenge

Criminology podcasts (week 2)

The ACS international club

Debate Club