The Olympus Academy Trust is committed to delivering an outstanding education for young people, ensuring that our students have access to the highest standards of teaching, resources and learning opportunities.

We work in close partnership with our schools, ensuring that we facilitate the sharing of best practice and provide access to a wide range of partners and resources for the benefit of our students and the wider community. Visit our website here or follow us on Twitter @olympustrust.


Our Vision and values

Our vision is to work in partnership with parents/carers and the community to provide a continuously evolving 21st century education that facilitates outstanding progress and achievement so all Abbeywood Community School students:

  • are happy, safe and cared for in a supportive, innovative, creative, positive and inclusive climate for learning
  • develop strong British values by celebrating difference and diversity, and make positive contributions to our school and society as compassionate, respectful, tolerant and confident leaders of the future    
  • develop a growth mindset and a strong work ethic where challenges are confidently embraced and set backs are seen as a natural step in progression and learning
  • thrive in our school and beyond as well-rounded, global citizens able to make balanced and informed decisions to guide them to a happy, fulfilling and successful future full of choices   
  • are inspired in a culture of high expectations, challenge and aspiration to develop a passion for life-long learning and be resilient, aspirational, independent, supportive, and engaged in all they do  

Our values are captured in the ‘wordle’ below: