The Olympus Academy Trust is committed to delivering an outstanding education for young people, ensuring that our students have access to the highest standards of teaching, resources and learning opportunities.

We work in close partnership with our schools, ensuring that we facilitate the sharing of best practice and provide access to a wide range of partners and resources for the benefit of our students and the wider community. Visit our website here or follow us on Twitter @olympustrust.



Chief Executive Officer

Mr Dave Baker


Dr Dave Howe

Deputy Headteacher

Mr Ben Dilley

Assistant Headteacher

Mr Sam Kent

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Carolyn Tipler

Assistant Headteacher

Mr Ian Henry

Business Manager

Mr Nigel Cutland

Personnel & Admin Manager

Mrs Catherine Thompson

We hold a SLT Drop-in session every Friday 2:45 - 3:30 p.m.  -  no appointment necessary. 

The school is organised into three Key Stages under the leadership of: 

KS3 & KS4

Heads of Year

Year 6/7 Mr Seb Doyle

Year 8 Miss Sophie Gilmore

Year 9 Miss Amy Bibbs

Year 10 Miss Jessica Clarke

Year 11 Mr Richard Bendry

Assistant Year Leader

Year 7,  8 & 9 Mrs Nicky Lopeman

Year 10/11 Miss Lisa Bamford

Personalised Learning Hub

Mrs Karen Harding

Mr Albert Gardiner



Director of Post 16

Mrs Gemma Shafto

Assistant Director of Post 16

Miss Sarah Traynor

If you wish to contact a member of staff at the school please email for their attention.

Staff name


Miss Tanya Attewell-Smith    


Mr Josh Baker  


Mr Richard Baker     

Subject Leader PE

Mrs Lisa Bamford    

KS4 Assistant Year Leader/Attendance

Lead/Safeguarding Lead

Mr Richard Bendry    

Humanities and Head of Y11

Mr Callum Beresford     

Apprentice PLH TA

Miss Amy Bibbs    

Maths & Head of Year 9

Mrs Niki Blake  

Cover Supervisor

Mr Ashley Bowe  

Design Technology Team Leader

Miss Mary Bulgin  


Mrs Karina Canwell    


Mrs Elliese Carnevale     

Subject lead Geography  

Mr Adam Cartwright   

Design Technology – 2nd in DT

Mr Frank Clarke   

Subject Leader Drama

Miss Jessica Clarke  

Psychology/Health and Social Care & Head of Y10

Miss Georgia Clayfield     


Mrs Dawn Clutterbuck   

Finance Assistant

Mr Chris Cottrell     

Teaching Assistant

Mr Thomas Coventry     


Mrs Angela Curley   


 Mrs Sally Curtis     

English – 2nd in English

 Mr Nigel Cutland   

Business Manager

 Mrs Sarah Davies    

Design Technology

Mrs Emma Davis   

Exams, Assessment and Data Team Leader 

Mrs Amy Dawson


Mr Ben Dilley    

Deputy Head

Dr Octavio Dominguez     


Mr Seb Doyle    

PE & Head of Y6/7

Mr Joshua Duckworth


Miss Caroline Eastes   

Cover Supervisor

Dr Francesca Ferrari    


Mr Adam Fletcher

DT & Art Technician

Mr Jack Ford    

Evening and Weekend Lettings Assistant

Mrs Natasha Forgham   

English – Lead Practitioner (Maternity leave) 

Mrs Emily Freeman     


Mr Albert Gardiner    

PLH Assistant & Safeguarding Team

Miss Claire Gardner

Design Technology

Miss Sophie Gilmore  

PE & Head of Y8

Dr Nicholas Gover


Miss Kayleigh Griffiths    


Mrs Rebecca Grigg    

Admin Support + P16 Attendance

Mrs Jane Guy   

Art – Subject Lead

Mr Simon Hale     

Site Manager

Mrs Jane Harding    

Assistant SENCo KS4

Mrs Karen Harding  

PLH Manager and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr Simon Hardy    

Team Leader Maths

Ms Sarah Harvie     


Ms Jane Hatfield     

School Counsellor

Mr Ian Henry    

PE & Assistant Headteacher Inclusion

Mrs Victoria Hinton     

English and Drama (Maternity leave)

Mr Ken Hosking    

ICT and Computing

Dr David Howe    


Mr Tom Ivey   

History - Team Leader Humanities

Mr Sam Jeeves   


Mrs Mira Jenkins      

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Elizabeth Jones      

Assistant SENCo KS3

Mr Laurie Jones     

Subject Lead Music

Miss Megan Jones  

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Tammy Jones  

Design Technology (Maternity leave)

Mr Sam Kent     

Assistant Head

Mr Simon Kesteven  


Mrs Jane Knight    

Attendance Administrator

Miss Rachel Land    


Mrs Sharon Leatherby    

Office Manager

Mr John Lewis   

Teaching Assistant

Mr Jonathan Ley  


Mr Jose Llanos    

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Nicola Lopeman  

Assistant Year Leader & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Hannah Luff

EAL Support

Miss Laura Mahoney   

PE – Team Leader Performance

Mr Graham Manson    

ICT/Computing Subject Leader

Mrs Kate Matuszak  

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kelly McDowell   


Mrs Samantha Milkins  

Teaching Assistant

Mr Robert Muranda     

Cover Supervisor + WEX + CEIAG

Mr Martin Noble     


Mr Michael Norris    

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Maouya Nouas   

French - Faculty Leader MFL

Mrs Susan O’Neill   

SEN Admin Support/First Aid

Miss Maria Parisi    


Mr Richard Pellow  

Humanities – subject lead RS

Mrs Ann Peplow   


Mr Robert Perry  


Mr John Phelps  


Mrs Sarah Phillips     

ILH & PLH Assistant

Miss Eunice Pickles


Miss Agnieszka Piskorowska     

Teaching Assistant (Maternity leave)

Mrs Vasumathi Prasad    

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Debra Pring   

Admin Support

Mr Jeremy Robinson   

Teaching Assistant

Mr Mark Rogers       

Lettings Assistant

Miss Kathryn Ross     

Maths – 2nd in Maths

Mrs Moira Ruff   

Exams Officer

Mr Greg Seal   

Team Leader Science             

Mrs Gemma Shafto    

Director of Post 16          

Mr Cole Simpson      

Teaching Assistant + DofE Co-ordinator    

Mr Peter Simpson    

Design Technology (Maternity cover)    

Mrs Yvette Slade    


Miss Laura Smale    

Science & 2nd in Science

Mrs Jenny Smith  

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Caron Squires    

First Aid Assistant

Ms Laura Storey   

English & Accelerated Reader/Literacy

Ms Keira Swansbury  

Achievement Mentor (Maternity leave)

Miss Debbie Swindail  

Library Assistant

Miss Helen Sykes 


Mr Nathan Taylor     


Ms Wendy Taylor   

Exams Officer

Mrs Teresa Teale    

Technician (Food/Textiles)

Mrs Catherine Thompson 

Personnel and Admin Team Leader

Mrs Carolyn Tipler   

Music - Assistant Headteacher

Mr Ioannis Trakas 


Miss Sarah Traynor  

History  & 2nd in Post 16

Mrs Mary Wall   

Finance Administrator

Miss Fiona Wallace

Teaching Assistant

Miss Ceri Ward  

Team Leader English

Mr Alex West

Science Technician

Miss Kerri Woodward   


Mrs Erica Wolstenholme  


Mrs Sue Xin   Finance Assistant