Abbeywood Community School

Abbeywood's Got Talent!

The talent show was a fun-filled, jaw dropping and just all round amazing experience to be able to go and watch. All of the acts were completely different which kept the audience on the edge of their seats. The many acts that bravely performed in the talent show were outstanding but our judges picked Apollo’s own Olivia H as the winner of ‘Abbeywood’s Got Talent’. Olivia performed her own gymnastics piece which wowed the judges as well as the audience. First and second place were given to two deserving acts. These were: Chloe and Kalli from Apollo and Hera who performed the song ‘don't stop believing’ as a duet which impressed the judges with their stunning harmonies and Katrina also from Hera who blew the judges away with her speedy rubix cube skills. All of the acts that night were terrific and kept the audience wanting more. 

As well as student performances the audience were given the amazing opportunity to enjoy two brilliant acts from Miss Tipping and Miss Bennetts! Miss Tipping sang ‘Part of Your World’ from The Little Mermaid. This was sung beautifully and was given a well-deserved standing ovation from the students participating in the talent show. Miss Bennetts shocked the audience with her impressive recorder skills. She previously recorded herself playing her instruments which accompanied her on the night. Miss Bennetts played a piece of music from the Pirates of the Caribbean.

The wonderful night ended with the raffle prizes that house captains and teachers contributed in getting, being called out and were given to winning members of the audience. A huge well done to those who participated as it showed bravery going on stage in front of an audience. Every act was brilliant and deserved the round of applause they were given. A special thanks to the house leaders who led the talent show and more thanks to those teachers helping out in the background. The talent show was a great success.

By Megan Hancock – Year 10 House Captain for Apollo