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Year 9

'An Inspector Calls' Ebook

Year 9 Pathways

All students have now completed their one to one interviews and we are now in the position to confirm subject choices for next year.

Letters will be sent via email during the week beginning 16 April.

Please feel free to contact the school if you have any questions or queries regarding your child’s subject choices or the pathway process.


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Year 9 RAISE Day

On Wednesday 31 January, year 9 took part in their annual RAISE day. The aim of the day was to provide students with a variety of interesting and relevant sessions to help them develop their knowledge of the world around them and some of the issues they might face day-to-day.

‘Off the record’, a local charity came in and delivered two workshops to the students. One was based around the stigma of mental health and how we can change this. This was to help them understand what mental health really is, rather than focusing on the media perception of it. The other was to help the students ‘make friends with stress’, and understand strategies to help them deal with the daily stresses of life.

‘Stand against violence’, also came in and ran a session to help the students understand the impact of bullying and also the very current topic of cyber bullying. The students really engaged well in this session, and the speaker even took away some great ideas from some of the year 9 students which he is going to add into the future sessions he delivers – he said this doesn’t happen very often, which clearly shows how knowledgeable our students were.

Brook also provided a session for the students around the topics of healthy relationships and sex. This is part of PSHE that needs to be delivered to the students.

The students started to think about their future careers with Mr Muranda. They focused on possible jobs and what skills and attributes they needed for those roles. Finally, they started the process of putting a CV together which will be really useful as they will need to start thinking about their work experience placement which will take place during year 10.