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School Counselling Service

Abbeywood Community School has a school counsellor who works with young people at the school who feel that they need some help.  Anyone studying at ACS can see the counsellor and we have provided some information below on what counselling is about and how the ACS counselling service may help you.

What is counselling and how can it help?

Counselling is talking to a trained person on your own about your problems, it is confidential and can help with problems at home or at school or with friends.

What happens when you first see your counsellor?

On your first visit you will meet and get to know your counsellor. You will talk about what you need and how your counsellor can help you. You can share your problems with our counsellors and they will help you make sense of what's going on. They will also give you the time and space to express what it really feels like.

How often are the sessions?

Your counselling sessions are usually every week and last about 45 minutes - you and your counsellor can arrange that between you.

What happens in the sessions?

You can look at how you're feeling and what your problems are in lots of different ways; by talking, drawing, and being creative – whatever is easiest for you.

How long will I see the counsellor for?

You will see your counsellor for as long as you both feel you need to and for as long as it is helping; in many cases this can be between 6-10 weeks as a guide.

Will the counsellor tell anyone?

What you talk about will be completely private between you and your counsellor, but if you or someone else were at risk of being seriously hurt, your counsellor will need to tell the school's Child Protection Officer about that.

Will I have to wait for an appointment?

We aim to see you as soon as possible; there is a waiting list, although the Student Support Team try to make sure that you will not have to wait too long. 

How do I arrange to see the counsellor?

You can get in touch with the counsellor by talking to a member of the Student Support Team. 

What if I'm not happy with it?

If you feel it's not working you can stop the counselling sessions when ever you want to, and that will be ok with your counsellor.

 Who are the counsellors?

The counsellor for Abbeywood and Bradley Stoke schools is called Tricia Leonard; Tricia also supervises 5 Counsellors in training who will be working across the two schools from January 2014.