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Independent Home Learning (IHL)


At Abbeywood Community School, we strive to provide the very best learning opportunities for all of our students; therefore, we place great value in providing purposeful Independent Home Learning activities.

The Importance of Independent Home Learning (IHL)

Homework is an independent learning activity, which contributes greatly to the educational progress of your child.  The ability to work independently is not only a life skill but is a crucial part of the learning process.

What we will do

All subject teachers will regularly set your child short tasks to complete independently. To make sure that the amount of work set is spread across the week, we have produced a guide to how much homework your child should be doing. This will allow you to plan when they complete the tasks in the fortnightly learning cycle. If students wish to do more IHL than is provided, we will support the individuals as required.

This work will relate closely to your child’s current lesson content and helps them to practise and embed skills or to learn and recall specific subject knowledge.

Year 7 & 8

Year 9

Year 10-11

Post 16



30 minutes per subject per fortnight




35 minutes per subject per fortnight


50 minutes per week



4.5 hours per subject per week


50 minutes per subject per fortnight

N.B. homework will be set via

Students expectations

Students are expected to record IHL instructions and deadlines in their planners. This is to help them organise their work, and to inform parents or carers of the tasks they are expected to complete.

How parents/Carers can help

Parents and carers can support their child by monitoring (via doddle parent portal) the IHL set and discussing family and other commitments in advance. This is so students can meet deadlines and develop good habits in planning and preparation for out-of-school learning.

School support

Each week there are timetabled IHL support clubs from 2.35- 3.35 where your child can drop in and get help completing their IHL. There will be specialist staff on hand and access to computers. Students can also use the LRC as a quite working space and there are specific support sessions for SEND and EAL students.

Summer Holiday Work

Why don’t you in the summer ...

•This summer we would like you to try some new activities and have new experiences.

•There are a list of suggested activities (or come up with your own) and if you try them record what you did.

•There will be no compulsory subject based IHL this summer, but we won’t complain if you want to do some focused independent work: , ,


•Make a collage no bigger than A3 that shows off what you did last summer. You can include: photos, tickets, postcards, facts, figures, transcripts, certificates and drawings or anything else you can think of.

•On the back list the activities and your name and year group.

•Entries to be handed in to your tutor by Friday 14th September 2018.

If you have any feedback or questions please email me at

Celebration and Rewards for each year group....

Top Prize for displays                                                                      Rewards

•1st prize £15 Amazon voucher                                                      •Achievement points for all entries

•2nd prize £10 Amazon voucher                                                     (more activities = more points)

•3Rd prize £5 Amazon Voucher                                                    •IHL Certificate for anyone who has

                                                                                                              completed 10 or more activities.

                                                                                                            •Boost your PIXL edge targets

The best work will be displayed in the Atrium.