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Computing IHL

Key Stage 3

 KS3 will received a termly Independent Home Learning project. All homework projects for the year are detailed in a IHL booklet issued at the start of the year. Students will be taken through the requirements of the project and given time in class to make an initial plan of how they intend to tackle the project. There will also be a checkpoint half way through the term where students review their progress in class, ask for help as required and make notes on what still needs to be completed.

 All work is available on Frog, on the shared drive (Computing > IHL booklets) and also on the school website.

 Additional Support:

 Students have use of F05 IT room breaks and lunchtimes and after school on a Thursday.

 Assessment and feedback:

 Enrichment projects involve work that is not always covered by National Curriculum Levels and so the work is assessed by means of a comment only, and will form part of the Attitude to Learning grade.

Key Stage 4

Weekly independent learning work is set during lesson times, and available via the VLE.  Activities will support learning that is taking place in lessons, and relate to the examination specification. Students are given a week/fortnight to complete work. Coursework has to be completed under controlled conditions and can therefore not be set for homework. After school catch-up will be available as an alternative.

 Computer Science

 In Year 10 weekly programming assignments will be set utilizing a range of online tutorials – these are self marking and any issues students encounter with the topics covered will be addressed in the following lesson.

In Year 11 weekly revision and exam style questions will set to test understanding of topics covered in lessons

 IT Ingots

Coursework for BTEC needs to be carried out in controlled conditions so cannot be set for homework. Independent learning therefore will consist of research to support class work and investigations to support the examined unit which focuses on the impact of IT in society.


Students have use of F05 IT room breaks and lunchtimes.

Additional intervention sessions will be held after school as appropriate.


Fortnightly formative feedback that includes next steps. Students are given opportunities to respond to feedback in one lesson across the fortnight. IL will form part of the student Attitude to Learning grade.

 Year 7 Computing Independent home learning

Year 8 Computing Independent home learning

Year 9 Computing Independent home learning