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Fundraising at ACS

Abbeywood Spring Fete 2018

On Thursday 10 May, students from Fundraising Club hosted a Spring Fete for Abbeywood students and students from surrounding primary schools. We also held two cake sales either side of the fair – the first one to raise extra money for the main event and the second to sell leftover treats we had! These three events were in aid for Children’s Hospice South West and overall we raised an amazing £537.52!

The first cake sale took place on Friday 20 April and was run by Bethan Morris, Bethany Willshire, Marianna Baker and Rachel Taylor. We used £20, which was donated by the Children’s Hospice South West charity scheme, to buy our own cakes, and raised £131. This £131 then went on to buy the things we needed for the Spring Fete.

The Spring Fete took place on Thursday 10 May. The stalls in the fete included Stressball making, guess how many sweets are in the jar, mug decorating, sponge the teacher and many other interesting things! Around 20 students and 5 teachers helped put this event together – thank you to everyone involved!

On Friday 11 May, a second cake sale was held to sell the bags of crisps, cake and cups of sweets left over from the fete. The students who organised this cake sale were Clayton White, Adam Hall and Sam Stokes.

Thank you to all the teachers who donated cakes or helped out at the fete – we really appreciate it!

Bethan Morris, 8O


Over £100 was raised for Sports Relief - well done everyone!  Various activities/fundraising events took place during the week before Easter.

£143.45 has been raised following 2 cake sales and an Easter Egg Raffle, the proceeds of this will go to 'Off The Record' who support young people with mental health issues, stress and anxiety.

Congratulations to Aksha Pathmaseelan, Emily Reis and Kaveko Simasiku who all won an Easter Egg in the raffle.

Also, following the Festival of Dance in February, £245.89 has been raised for FACs.


Grow a Pound

Year 8 students will be taking part in the new ‘Grow a pound’ scheme. This is a fantastic and beneficial activity for both the students and the charity ‘Children’s Hospice Southwest’. Whiteshill Evangelical church have kindly donated £180 so each student can take part. Students will receive a £1 coin, they will then have a term to try and make it grow…

Students can engage with their entrepreneurial spirit to help better the circumstances and lives of those less fortunate than themselves.

8R and 8O have been the first Tutor Groups to take part in this years Grow a Pound Fundraiser!

Students came up with some great fundraising ideas including;

Car washing, selling cards, cake and drink sales, producing and selling their own art work.

£182 has been raised so far, well done to everyone involved

Students in 8G have now taken part and turned their £16 into £82.18! which is fantastic.

Fundraising Club

Harry Potter Evening - 1 February 2018. Read more here about the evening that took place celebrating Harry Potter World Book Night.

The fundraising club have recently arranged 2 movie nights to raise money for charity. The first film shown for Halloween was ‘Goosebumps’.  Along with showing the film, snacks and drinks were sold for a small fee for the chosen charity, Young Carers UK. The film and snacks were enjoyed by everyone and £56.72 was raised!

For Christmas, the film shown was ‘Elf’ and Christmas themed snacks and hot chocolate was sold for everyone to warm up to! This raised £35.67. 


Last year the student body took part in a vote to select which charities they would like ACS to support during 2017/18. The winning charities were;

Children’s Hospice South West  

Providing hospice care for children with life-limiting conditions and their whole family across the South West.


The number of people with cancer is growing every day. Macmillan want to reach and improve the lives of every one of those people.

Ditch the Label

Pro equality and anti-bullying. Your world, prejudice free!

Throughout the year, the student Fundraising club and Charity committee organise and host fantastic fundraising events that the whole school community can participate in and enjoy.