The Olympus Academy Trust is committed to delivering an outstanding education for young people, ensuring that our students have access to the highest standards of teaching, resources and learning opportunities.

We work in close partnership with our schools, ensuring that we facilitate the sharing of best practice and provide access to a wide range of partners and resources for the benefit of our students and the wider community. Visit our website here or follow us on Twitter @olympustrust.



Chief Executive Officer

Mr Dave Baker


Dr Dave Howe

Deputy Headteacher

Mr Ben Dilley

Assistant Headteacher

Mr Sam Kent

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Carolyn Tipler

Assistant Headteacher

Mr Ian Henry

Business Manager

Mr Nigel Cutland

Personnel & Admin Manager

Mrs Catherine Thompson

The school is organised into three Key Stages under the leadership of:

KS3 & KS4

Heads of Year

Year 6/7 Mr Seb Doyle

Year 8 Miss Woodward

Year 9 Miss Jessica Clarke

Year 10 Mr Richard Bendry

Year 11 Miss Sophie Gilmore

Assistant Year Leader

Year 7,  8 & 9 Mrs Nicky Lopeman

Year 10/11 Miss Lisa Bamford

Personalised Learning Hub

Mrs Karen Harding

Mr Albert Gardiner



Director of Post 16

Mrs Gemma Shafto

Assistant Director of Post 16

Miss Sarah Traynor